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1,3-DMAA banned

Prohibition of sale for products with Methylhexanamine / 1,3-dimethylamylamine

Saturday, 11.08.2012

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1,3-DMAA banned
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From today on it´s no longer aloud to sell products within the european union which contain 1,3-DMAA (Methylhexanamine / 1,3-dimethylamylamine) which means there is a prohibition of sale for Jack3d,Nutrex Hemorage, Tested Performance, Musctetech Neurocore, Revolution Crack, SAN Launch, iForce Maximum Intensity oder Muscletech nano Vapor.

The US department of defense pulled out all products with 1,3-DMAA from on-base stores after two soldiers died during a workout and 1,3-DMAA was wound in their blood.

Also this subtance is on the WADA list of banned products.

If you take a closer look to the chemical strukture of 1,3-DMAA you´ll find that it is quite similar to amphetamine.

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