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Backstage beef between Ben White and Roelly Winklaar

'How can it be that you always place that well, Roelly?'

Wednesday, 21.11.2012

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Backstage beef between Ben White and Roelly Winklaar
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Earlier this month we released an article about Roelly Winklaar and his ups and downs during the fall season. And we were wondering why he always got the first callout and places well even in a bad condition.

Now we got a story told be several sources who say that some of his pro collegues got more and more angry about Roelly placing well in bad shape. It is told that Ben White, who placed 15th in Madrid, got upset after Roelly placed 3rd at the Arnold Europe. And he wanted some answers from Roelly:

"How can it be, that you always place that good?"

Roelly did not responded and looked to the floor, maybe because he does not speak english very well. And Ben White get more and more upset:

"Come on let´s pose here, right now. Show me one pose in which you are looking better then me!"

After Roelly´s coach Grandma got in between this two it did not come to any more trouble.

At all it is not Roelly fault that the judges place him good, maybe better then he deserved.

Ben might thought that there´s some kind of conspirancy going on or he was just frustrated be his own placing as he won a pro show only 2 years ago, but he was never been in such a good condition.

At least in the following shows in England and Prague there should not have been a situtation like that when Roelly´s placing fell down to a 6th and 8 th place.

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