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Bodybuilding show all "Bodybuilding" articles
Ronny Rockel rocks Austria
Guestposing three weeks out to his comeback

IFBB Pro Ronny Rockel is currently preparing for his comeback after he made a break when he became a father. He will be back .... read more

Tuesday Time Travel - Flex Wheeler
from amateur to 'the Master of Symetrie'

Kenneth Wheeler did not had an easy childhood, when he got to face child abuse and had a difficult time at school due to .... read more

Kai Greene - 1 month after Mr. Olympia
Guestposing in Alaska

It´s one month ago, since Kai Greene finished second at the Mr. Olympia. He had a very big hype this year, because he .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2013 - Predictions of the legends
Interviews with Franco Columbu, Lee Haney, Lee Lebrada and Ed Connors

We ask not just someone but the legends for their predictions to this years Olympia and if Jay Cutler really got a chance .. read more

Interview with Team Cutler Member
Eric DiLauro speaks with Body-Xtreme

We met Jay Cutlers trainer Eric DiLauro at the Gym in Las Vegas. Eric is a native canadian, competed by hisself on stage and .... read more

USA Update show all "USA Update" articles
USA Update - Adventures and Fights
Lee Priest publishes book, Phil Heath wife got cancer, Zack Khan delays pro debut and more

Dexter Jackson has a run at the moment: After winning the Arnold Classic at its 25th anniversary two weeks ago, bringing him .... read more

USA Update - After Arnolds
New judging guidelines coming up? Whats next for McMillan

The Arnold Classic 2013 is history now, but not the discussion about the placings. What many of the spectators didnt like: for .. read more

USA Update - Columbus Countdown
How will McMillan look like?

The 25th .... read more

USA Update - Arnolds Ahead
McMillan shows shape, Hide´s wrist broken and more

The Arnold Classic is just around the corner and so more and more News, Pictures and Videos are coming up. And now, after the .... read more

USA Update - The Jacksons
Johnny Jackson and Dexter Jackson in preparation

Johnny Jackson seems to be on the up this year. At first he signed a contract with Probiotica, one of the big players in the .... read more

Strongman show all "Strongman" articles
Patrik Baboumian wins german loglift championships again
4th title in a row

Patrik Baboumian made it for the 4th time! He is the old and new german loglift champion. Last saturday the german strongman .... read more

Patrik Baboumian sets new world record
333lbs in keglift

Strongman Patrik Baboumian, Germany´s Strongest Man 2011, set a new world record in keglift this past weekend. During .... read more

Powerlifting show all "Powerlifting" articles
Igor Golushkin dies in a power lifting competition
400 pounds droped on his chest

2 weeks ago the russion Igor Golushkin competed in a powerlifting contest. He used a so called open grip, which means, that .... read more

Stan Efferding - Target on 2300 lbs
World record holder wants more

While Stan Efferding retired this Februar from professional IFBB contest, he is now focussed on powrlifting. Last year he set .... read more


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