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Chicago Wings of Strength - Flashreport

Roell Winklaar wins Chicago

Sunday, 07.07.2013

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Chicago Wings of Strength - Flashreport
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While Roelly Winklaar got to went through an odyssey for his last year Mr. Olympia qualifikation he was successful in 2013 at his first atempt.

Roelly was able to show up with his "Precontest-pictures-fullness" combined with a good definition. He was not as good in shake like he was at his last years victory at the Nordic Pro, but we can expect a very interesting fall season of him while he is now already qualified for the Olympia and able to have a break till end of september.

The talented Lionel Beyeke finish second. He was in a better condition then he was at his victory at last years LA Flex Pro but he´s still not as hard as he could be. If he´s ever able to get everything together, a lot of guys will have major problems.

You can see pics at RxMuscle.

Results of the Chicago Wings of Strength 2013

1. Roelly Winklaar
2. Lionel Beyeke
3. Bill Wilmore
4. Essa Obaid
5. Justin Compton
6. Lee Banks
7. Stefan Havlik
8. Keith Williams
9. Costantinos Demetrou
10. Jeff Beckham
Kenneth Jackson
Michael Liberatore
Manuel Lomeli
Alexandre Nataf
An Nguyen
JoJo Ntiforo
Jonathan Rowe
Craig Richardson

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