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Daniel Hill wants to become a mma fighter

His new plan - fighting debut extimated in 2013

Tuesday, 13.11.2012

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Daniel Hill wants to become a mma fighter
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Dan Hill is IFBB Pro since 5 years and seems like looking for his next opportunity, when he announced on Facebook that he joined the Pro MMA Champ in Las Vegas and is going to prepare for his first mixed martial arts fight in 2013.

Maybe the MMA community is brings for him a new beginning because there had been a lot of disputes. On their peak his former sponsor Multipower cancelled their contract.

The word "mixed" doesn't mean, that men vs. women, but MMA contains mixed martials like Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, but also elements of wrestling, Judo and more.

The goal is to defeat the opponent by KO (loosing consciosness),submission or stop by judge

It´s not know if this means the end for his bodybuilding activities. For example the training partner of Dennis Wolf and Mr. Olympia contestant Robert Burneika is active in MMA continuously.

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