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Daniele Seccarecci is dead

Italian Pro died of heart attack after Nordic Pro

Thursday, 05.09.2013


Daniele Seccarecci is dead
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The italian pro bodybuilder Daniele Seccarecci is dead. According to the italian sports magazine  he died of a heart attack this wednesday. On on saturday he still competet at the Nordic Pro and placed 6th there.

His rise in bodybuilding started with his first place at the Junior Grand Prix Venice Beach in 2000 and the junior title of the italien national championships in 2001. He become a pro in 2006.

In our video box below you can see his posing in Lahti at the Nordic Pro - the last competition of his life. The Body-Xtreme team is also completely shocked, we met Daniele in Lahti twice and got to know him as a very friendly and fun-loving person - and he also loved his sport.

Daniele was very famous in Italy and the USA both because of his size and his personality - reflecting in hundreds of condolences on his facebook site.

Our thoughts are with Daniele's family now and we wish them the strength they need now.


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