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Erich Janner - A look back to over 50 years of bodybuilding

The soul of german and european bodybuilding gets 70

Wednesday, 09.01.2013

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Erich Janner - A look back to over 50 years of bodybuilding
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Everybody who is interested in bodybuilding contests, sooner or later gets in contact with one name: Erich Janner. Erich is currently general secretary of DBFV (the german arm of the IFBB), head of the judges committee of the european bodybuilding and fitness federation (EBFF) and  present at pretty much every bigger IFBB contest. This wednesday he got 70 years old.

Time to take a look back!

Erich first got in contact with weight training at the age of 15. He trained according to the "Weider principles" and joins the gym of Albert Busek in Munich. This first encounter should influence the rest of his life.

In 1963, as a junior, he won the Mr. Munich and made it to the mens finals at the German Championships.

In 1966/67 he trained together with a guy called Arnold Schwarzenegger in Albert's gym, when a motorbike accident made it impossible to continue lifting that heavy.

After founding the German Bodybuilding Federation (today known as DBFV) together with Albert and Arnold, he intensified his work as service officer but always kept to his passion of bodybuilding.

The countless highlights in his life for bodybuilding comprise things like beeing a judge at the Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic and receiving an award from IFBB founder Ben Weider.

Happy birthday, Erich!

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