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IFBB Pro Ed van Amsterdam passed away

Deadly heartattack at age 40

Friday, 05.07.2013

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IFBB Pro Ed van Amsterdam passed away
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We received the sad information that IFBB Pro Eduard van Amsterdam passed away due to a heart attack.

"The Dutsch Mann from Amsterdam, was the kindest and friendliest man, bodybuilding and familial guy I have ever met!!!", said Helge Seliger, who got a photoshoot at Ed´s Gym last year for "Dedicated".

Ed van Amsterdam competed as a pro since the Night of Champions 1999 and competed in total in 17 pro contests. His best placing was a seventh place at the Dutch Grand Prix 2002.

He competed the last time in 2009 at the New York Pro. After that he developed some heart problems. He lost approx. 60lbs because he got away from heavy training and just did "some fitness workouts".

In our videobox below you can watch a video of Ed from 2002.

He is leaving his wife and 2 childs.

Rest in peace, Ed!

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