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Kai Greenes Metamorphosys

Mr. Olympia 2011 compared with his attendence 2012

Thursday, 04.10.2012

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Kai Greenes Metamorphosys
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Last year Kai Greene entered the Olymia as being one of the Top Favorites for the victory and attended with nearly 290lbs. At the end he placed in 3rd and it was obvious that this weight was a little bit too much as he looked overloaded and his waiste was pretty too big.

This year he come in aroung 20lbs lighter, with a improved midsection, more details in the muscles and even is face looked thinner. The results was the 2nd place not undisputed behind Phil Heath. Several people so him walking away with the Sandow trophy.

We took some pictures from the Mr. Olympia 2011 and faced them with the Mr. Olympia 2012 so you can compare his two looks by yourself.

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