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Master Olympia Update - Whos gonna show up

Exclusive interview with promoter Jarka Lorie-Schneider

Saturday, 11.08.2012

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Master Olympia Update - Whos gonna show up
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We met Jarka Lorie-Schneider, promoter of this years Master Olympia in Miami. With last years MIAMI Pro Masters World Cup she made the first steps to get athlets in their "over 40´s" back on stage or keeping them away from retireing. With prizemoney more then 240.000$ its still good money they can make and more and more athlet can still improve in high age.

In 2012 her contest joins the "Olympia"-Family and becomes "Joe Weider´s Masters Olympia".

At first the show was scheduled to take place in Prag, but when all the cost of traveling for officials and athletes were calculated the decision was made to have this show again in South Beach, Florida.

Who´s gonna compete?

Even though it´s 4 month out to the show, we could get some names you will show up on stage. Dexter Jackson, for example - winner of the last year Miami Pro Masters - will be back to catch another 100.000$ check, which is given out to the winner.

Also last years runner-up Toney "The X-Man" Freeman will join the competitor list and will nothing less then the victory.

Dennis James is extremly interested in this show and it´s not impossible that he´s preparing for this show seriously because everybody who saw him recently never thought about "This is a guy who´ll never compete again."

Kevin Levrone back on stage ?

We don´t know if this is just a marketing clue or a serious plan of the Maryland Muscle Machine but in our interview with Jarka, she tell us, that Kevin will be back in the show and the possibility would be there that´s not for singing.

Germany´s Ronny Rockel joint the "40´s-Team" lately and will be part of this years show and he got some good chances in being victorious, as he was just slitely behind Dexter Jackson in last years FIBO Pro Show and the Arnold Europe.

You can be sure that the Masters Olympia on 7th and 8th december will finish the 2012 contest season with an extraordinary highlight and if you got the possibility come and visit this show.

Get more infos and purchase your tickets on the offical website.

Below in the videobox you´ll find our interview with Masters Olympia promoter Jarka Lorie-Schneider.

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