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Masters Olympia - Finals

Coverage live from Miami Beach

Sunday, 09.12.2012

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Masters Olympia - Finals
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Dexter Jackson rewins in Miami Beach! It was quite clear from the beginning that there would nobody got close to "the Blade" who was sharper then at his 4th place finish at the Olympia. Also the crowd celebrated every of his poses.

There was only the second place left for the other guys in which came Toney Freeman. He should up with his great lines but was missing the last percent of hardness. It seemed to be close between him and Ed Nunn after the prejudging, as Ed was in awesome condition with big shredded wheels carring his tiny midsection.

But during the finals and especially from the back Toney was better then Ed who needs to present himself better during the posing routine.

In between this two men come Dennis James on third. DJ was in shape at his comeback and one of the biggest guys on stage. He seemed quite disappointed at the victory ceremonie, but there was no way to get higher as third as he had not enough mass in the back shoots.

Ronny Rockel got the tools to win this contest but he did not used them. He was not hard enough and showed up in the prejudging with a horroable (was there any?) color.

The event was much more crowed this year then the year before, surrounded by some great guestposings of Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman, Francois Benfatto and Samir Bannout.

TOP 5 Results Masters Olympia 2012

  1. Dexter Jackson
  2. Toney Freeman
  3. Dennis James
  4. Ed Nunn
  5. Ronny Rockel
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