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Masters Olympia - Guestposers

Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman, Francis Benfatto, Samir Bannout

Sunday, 09.12.2012

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Masters Olympia - Guestposers
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Not only had there been a awesome lineup in the contest but also in the showprogram. Francis Benfatto showed up with an excellent physique even he´s in his 50`s.

Phil Heath had a very short posing and promised to get Sandow #3 next year which means that Jay won't complete his jouney for the 5th title.

Ronnie Coleman also showed up. Exactly 12 month after his serious spine injury it was a pleasure to see him on stage. He legs looks quite impressive quile his upperbody is shrinking which makes his midsecion look wider.

Last but not least Mr. Olympia 1983 and now 57 year old Samir Bannout gave us the honor to see his posing.

Lots of pictures of the guestappearances in our galery.

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