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Mr. Olympia 2014 - Pressconference

Feud between Phil and Kai

Friday, 19.09.2014

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Mr. Olympia 2014 - Pressconference
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Host Bib Chicerillo announced the 2014 pressconference with the fact, that the prizemoney reached $ 1.1 Mio, the Olympia is broadcasted at NBC and that the Friday and Saturday night events are already sold out.

After these great news the Olympia weekend went into the most entertaining pressconference ever, when Phil Heath was faced with an autograph Kai Greene gave as "Mr. Olympia 2014".

"Haven´t you learned from last year", said Phil, meaning that Kai did the same last year - and just placed 2nd. While just 13 men won Olympia he challenged "don´t disrespekt the gang."

Kai Greene pronouced serval times, that the success of Phil was in the past. "2014 ist 2014!"

Very entertaining pressconference so don´t miss to watch it in the videobox below.

Pictures Mr. Olympia 2014

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