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Nasser El Sonbaty - His Way to the top - and back

Portrait of Huge Nasser

Tuesday, 15.01.2013

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Nasser El Sonbaty - His Way to the top - and back
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Nasser El Sonbaty was one of the professional bodybuilding superstars of the 90´s and representative of the extrem massfreaks. Won Dorian Yates entered the mass era by winning his second Olympia title, Nasser overtook since 1995 on when he competed at 270lbs and more.

Nasser reased up in Germany and studied History and politcs at the Augsburg university. He began in 1983 with bodybuilding and had his pro debut at the Finnland Grand Prix 1990.

Altough he was able to earn a 8th placeing, he wasn´t able to earn high placings in the US.

1994 he got the runner-up at the Night of Champions and a 7th place at his first Mr. Olympia. His breakthrough was in 1995 when he won extremly improved the Night of Champions.

Since then he was called number one contender of Dorian Yates. His hunt for the sandow was interupted by a third place at the Olympia 1996, when Shawn Ray set a new trend by competion lighter, but more in shape. But also Nasser was the first guys who was diqualified by failing the drug test of diuretics which where controlled in 1996 for he first time.

As compensation he wanted to win the Arnold Classic 1997 but here also Flex Wheeler entered the contest by continueing the "Shawn Ray strategy" - competing lighter and sharper. The result was a 220 lbs winner Flex Wheeler and a 290lbs runner-up Nasser.

At the Olympia he followed the same strategy and entered the show only at 271lbs. He got a controversial second place, the closest he´d ever been to the Olympia titel.

When Ronnie Coleman set a new standard as massfreak, Nasser way downwards began right after he won the Arnold Classic 1999.

After the Olympia 2000, where he placed 5h, he got binary placings from the the Arnold Classic 2002 on. His last pro contest was the Europa Super Show 2005 which he finished at 14th.

In the video below you can see Nasser in 1997 in perhaps the best shape he´s ever been.

Im Video unten könnt Ihr Nasser rund um 1997 in seiner vielleicht besten Form sehen.

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