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New York Pro - Preview

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Thursday, 23.05.2013

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New York Pro - Preview
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The New York Pro will take place this weekend in NYC. Its one of the most prestigious contest in the world and this year the line up is tuffer then even at the Arnolds Classic. You can have a look at the competitor list in the gallery on the left top of this page.

We are looking forward to the comeback of Victor Martinez, will he raise like the Phoenix or will he fail like "Icarus"? One of he tuffest competitors and former New York Pro Champion will be Cedric McMillan. After he got disqualified at the Arnold Brasil he will be hungry for his second win this season.

If he miss his shape and if victor can not comaback to his best, maybe Jon Delarosa or Juan Morel could be able to do a surprise.

Also in the line up are the Youngguns Antoine Vaillant, Mike Johnson and Aaron Clark.

Daniel Toth from Hungary was able to improve this year from contest to contest. He got a good presentation and symetrie and if he is able to bring a shredded condition and still got his midsection under controll he really can do some major damage.

The most interesting competitor this year will be "Big Ramy" Mamdouh Elssbiay, who is expected with around290lbs on stage. He got an insane look and if he is looking in real life like the pics shown on facebook, all other guys will have big problems.

If you can make it here... can make it anyware" says a hit of Frank Sinatra. This titel fits very well for this show because the guys like Victor Martinez who had been on top and might go down, will compete against some unknown new guys who wants to go up the ladder in pro bodybuilding.

Body-Xtreme will be live in New York to cover the show !

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