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New York Pro - Video Womens divisions and Mens Physique

Bikini, Figure, Womenīs and Menīs Physique on video

Tuesday, 28.05.2013

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New York Pro - Video Womens divisions and Mens Physique
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We now show you the video of the other division when we already released the video of the 212 & mens open here.

In the video below you will find the posing routines of the Women´s Physique and also the new Men´s Physique Klasse.

The results of the contestare here online.

 Click here for our complete coverage.


Fotos New York Pro 2013


Content Video New York Pro 2013 Women´s divisions
& Men´s Physique

  • 00:00 Women´s Physique
  • 12:22 Men´s Physique
  • 20:45 Figure
  • 30:00 Bikini

After the video is loaded completely you can jump to the requested part by clicking on the timeline

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