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New York Pro Flashreport

Big Ramy spoils Martinez' Comeback

Sunday, 26.05.2013

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New York Pro Flashreport
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Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elsbiay came, saw and conquered!
Ramy was raised prematurely very much - and he delivered! At his pro debut he did let other pros look like amateurs.

Even though Victor Martinez made his comeback after the 18month break in great shape, i was not enough to win against "something" like Big Ramy. Victor was hard, had a small waist and a good overall appearance, that probably could have been enough for the victory at the Arnold Classic.

But in direct comparison with Big Ramy he virtually didnt even have the air to breath. In the audience there were also Branch Warren, Shawn Rhoden and Mr. Olympia Phil heath to judge for themselfes about the "new guy" and everyone of them has to fear Ramy.

In our Video you will see the victory ceremony. As Ramy doesnt understand english, in the beginning he isnt aware of that he just won his first pro contest.

Later we will also bring you a video of all individual posing routines of the finals.

New York Pro 2013
Top 5 Men´s Open

  1. Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elsbiay
  2. Victor Martinez
  3. Juan Morel
  4. Jon Delarosa
  5. Clarence Devis


  1. Jose Raymond
  2. Sami Al-Haddad
  3. Mark Dugdale
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