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Revealed: How the apocalypse was stopped

Jo Atlas saves the world

Wednesday, 26.12.2012

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Revealed: How the apocalypse was stopped
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Based on the Maya calender the apocalypse should have happend last friday. But thanks to Jo Atlas it was prevented from happening - at least according to the story board of the "Apocalypse" wrestling show. This show taking place in Remiremont, France, in the mystic vosges mountains - of course on the 21st dec. 2012, adopted this theme and staged an epic battle of the "good" in the form of Jo Atlas (aka Johan Karouani) fighting against several evil forces of the apocalypse to save the world.

We visited this show for you and will soon bring you an extensive report from france, were wrestling is very famous and even lokal stars are well known.

As a little preview you can find a short trailer in our videobox and see by yourself how Jo Atlas saved the world.

Image credit: sdecoret / 123RF Stock Foto

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