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Roelly Winklaar - Ups and Downs

Review of his season 2012

Saturday, 03.11.2012

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Roelly Winklaar - Ups and Downs
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Roelly Winklaar jumped into the fight for this years Olympia qualifikation very late as he startet past summer at the Europa Super Show and the Tampa Pro. This late beginning might have his reason in his last years dicision to pull out from the Mr.Olympia when he felt burned out.

This years Olympia qualifikation became extremly difficult as he was not able to place well in the show mentioned above.

Fortunately he was able to make a giant leap in his conditioning when he finally won the Nordic Pro Show, which was his last chance to qualify this year. He´s glutes, hams and lower back would never look that great after the Finland Show.

A the Mr. Olympia things came not like he wanted to which made him unable to enter a TOP 10 position.

Ath the Sheru Classic in India he was on target for Third place, but during the finals Toney Freeman jumped in between him and Phil & Kai and he finished on 4th place. This placing wasn´t undisputed as his conditioning was a lot off from Finland.

Even when we finished third at the Arnold Europe the critics come lauder as Toney Freeman and Johnnie Jackson who came in 7th looked a lot leaner.

When his "Finland-Conditioning" was again missing as he showed up at the British Grand Prix, the judges placed him down to the 6th place.

He reached the bottom of his '12 season when he came in the 8th place at the Prague Pro Grand Prix. Roelly´s contest season with a duration of nearly 3 month seemd quite too long.

He also had to notice a breakdown in prizemoney as he earned 10000 USD in Finland, and finally ended the season with a 1000 USD check at the Prague Pro Show.

He did not seem angry about his placing in Prague. He might have been just happy that the torture is now over.

In the video below in the videobox and the gallery above you can follow the season 2012 of Roelly Winklaar in pictures and video.

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