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Ronny Rockel rocks Austria

Guestposing three weeks out to his comeback

Sunday, 14.09.2014

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Ronny Rockel rocks Austria
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IFBB Pro Ronny Rockel is currently preparing for his comeback after he made a break when he became a father. He will be back on stage in three weeks at the EVLs Prague Pro.

He was guestposer at the Int, Austria Cup in St. Pölten yesterday, where he showed that he will be back like the people used to know him. Currently his weight is at 235 lbs and he is now working for the very first time with his new Coach former IFBB Pro Patrick Tuor.

Enjoy our video of Ronny´s guestposing in the videobox below and lots of pictures of the Int. Austria Cup.

Pictures Int. Austria Cup 2014

Pictures HERE

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