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Sami Al Haddad challenges Olympia champ Flex Lewis

Sami´s going to compete at the British Grand Prix

Wednesday, 17.10.2012

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Sami Al Haddad challenges Olympia champ Flex Lewis
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212 professional bodybuilding Sami Al Haddad has been one of a few you got a disadvantage from the new Olympia qualifikation rules. He place 2nd at this year New York Pro behind former 202 Olympia champion Kevin English, but was not able to compete in more contest due to his living at home in Bahrain. As till now all of the 212 contest had been in the US, that means we would have to travel for 21 hours.

In our interview at the Arnold Europe EXPO he told us, that even if he would have qualified, he would not have competed in the Olympia:

"I did fasting for the Ramadan for 4 weeks prior to the Olympia and after that it would have been enough time to prepare for the Show",says Sami Al Haddad during the Body-Xtreme interview.

But he predicted, that there´d might be a 212 Olympia in 2013 coming from Bahrain.

So recommend himself as a future champ, he´s going to compete in Manchester at next weekend in the British Grand Prix.

"I think there no home field advantage in bodybuildong. Flex does also not come from the US, but won the Olympia title in the USA. I will make him a tuff competition in manchester."

You can watch our interview with Sami Al Haddad in the videobox below.

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