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Scandal at the NAC Universe

Turkish athlete sent backstage by his trainer at victory ceremony

Tuesday, 27.11.2012

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Scandal at the NAC Universe
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It should have been just one of the 14 victory ceremonies when the „Athletic 2“ athletes of the NAC Universe 2012 stepped on stage. But when Turkey’s Ferhat Magan was announced on second place, NAC Turkey’s president Ali Aslan jumped off his seat and shouted something to him.

Ferhat kept in the stage background and refused to take is trophy, while Ali Aslan came on stage and ordered Ferhat off the stage.

After that, Ali Aslan took off his NAC tie, put it directly next to the headjudge together with some explicid words and left the hall.

Of course we wanted to know, what was going on and interviewed Ali Aslan directly after:

“I have been head of NAC Turkey for 4 years and brought about 100 sports man here, that took several titles. Until today I did never interfere like this before…If you have Judges from 28 contries in the hall its unbelievable that 3 over 11 judges in the athletic class are from France and another 2 from Belgium and these nations place the guy that should win on third place. Its obvious which game is being played here.”

“It’s a disrespect for us that takes place inside the NAC since 2010. Frankly, our athletes are simply too good for the NAC.” Said Ali Aslan, president of NAC Turkey.

Ali Aslan continued: “I wanted to show the NAC that I won’t tolerate that and that’s exactly what I showed on stage.”

Of course we wanted to hear the promoters comment on that too and took Dirk Kau, president of NAC Germany, for an interview.

“This was a very tough field and if my athletes would become Vice Mr. Universe I would be happy and wouldn’t ask him to leave the stage. This is an unsporting behavior, respectless and something you just don’t do!” says Dirk Kau.

Emotions belong to the sport and you also show emotions but that should happen in a reasonable way. We talk about the first and second place in a very tough Mr. Universe competition. I invite everybody to judged 25 athletes and satisfy every nation – that’s something we will probably never achieve in Bodybuilding.” Dirk Kau continued.

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