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Amateur Contests
Int., Austria Cup 2014 - Pics and Video
Harald Schober takes overall

Yesterday was the Int. Austria Cup which is a kind of a mini-European Championship with 110 competitior form Austria, Germany, .. read more

NAC Universe: Report and pictures
Adam Dudas beats Adam Kozyra

There had been 230 athletes in 15 different division fighting for a spot in the finals at the NAC Universe in Hamburg/Germany. .. read more

Mr. Olympia 2013 - 212 pressconference and weight-in
Video of the 212 division

Also the 212 pressconference was really entertaining, when three Olympia champions are going to fight it out on .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2013 - Pressconference and 212 Weight-Inn
Pictures and flashreport

A few minutes ago the pressconference of this years Mr. Olympia was being held at the Orleans Hotel.

Phil Heath wants .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2013 - Meet and Greet
The Athletes Meeting

The athletes meeting took place the day prior to the Olympia and gave all the bodybuilding fans the opportunity to meet their .... read more

Nordic Pro - Emotions und important comparisons

There are of course a lot of emoitons at a contest like the Nordic Pro which was the last qualifier for the Mr. Olmypia. It .... read more

Toronto Super Show - Flashreport
Victor Martinez keeps his chin up

Victor Martinez keeps going on! After he was washed-up in his read more

IFBB German Championships
Roman Fritz wins overall title

Roman Fritz is the new german champion in the superheavyweight class and also won the overall title unanimously. After his .... read more

Austrian Championships + Talents Cup 2013
Pics, Results and Video

This weekend the International Austrian Championships took place with a record number of 133 competitors making it running up .... read more

Frey Classic: Alex La Llave defeats Peter Molnar
Report and video from Koblenz, Germany

The 2013 Frey Classic is just over. After beeing held in Berlin for 3 years, it now moved to beautiful Koblenz on the Rhine .... read more

Masters Olympia - Wrap-Up
Analysis with Mr. Olympia'83 Samir Bannout

Mr. Olympia 1983 Samir Bannout gave us the honor to do the wrap up of the Masters Olympia with him. He totally agrees with the .. read more

FLEXCUP 2012 - Report + Video
The dutch Rookie contest

The FLEXCUP in Veldhoven, Netherlands, just finished with a new record high in the number of competitors - far over 100. But .... read more

NAC Universe 2012 - Prejudging Video
All divisions caught on video

We have the Video of all divisions from last saturday´s NAC Universe

You´ll find at first the video of the .. read more

NAC Universe 2012 - Finals Video
The posing routines on camera

We have the Video of all divisions from last saturday´s NAC Universe

You´ll find at the video of the .... read more

NAC Universe 2012 - Flashreport
Adam Kozyra takes overall

A few minutes ago the NAC Universe 2012 ended with 270 athletes who competed in Hamburg/Germany.

The mens overall .... read more

NPC Nationals - report
Brain Yersky new overall champ and IFBB Pro

Past weekend took the NPC Nationals place with nearly 1000 competitors. Last years overall victory went to Todd Jewell, who .... read more

NAC International German Championship
Results, report and video

Yesterday took the Int. German Championship place in Trossingen, which was also the qualifier of this years NAC .... read more

Arnold Europe 2012 - Amateure Part 2
Video of the heavy and superheavy weights plus the overall

In the video below in our videobox we show you the heavyweight and superheavy weight divisions of this years Arnold Europe .... read more

Flashreport: Shawn Rhoden wins Arnold Europe
Adela Garcia looses against Oksana Grishina

Shawn Rhoden won this years edition of the Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid and made his third win this year.

    The TOP .... read more
Arnold Europe 2012 - Amateurs Part 1
results, pictures and videos

Today most of the amateur classes took place at the Arnold Europe EXPO stage with about 700 competitors. Besides the high .... read more

Women's World Championship - German Qualifier
The german team for Bialystock

The german qualifier for the upcoming Womens World Championship took place today. The Worldchamionship will be at october .... read more

Finnish Nationals - Athletic fitness division
The new athletic fitness devision

The new athletic fitness division was also a part of this years finnish nationals. This division is quite different from the .... read more

Finnish Nationals - The women plus Classic Bodybuilding
Bikini, Figure, Fitness and ClassicBB caught on video

This sunday there´s been the Finnish Nationals with its devisions of Bikini, Figure, Fitness and men´s Classic .... read more

Finnish Nationals - Teenage divisions
Competitors from 16 upto 18 years

On sunday theres also been the teenage divisions of the Finnish National Bodybuilding Championsships in Lathi.

The .... read more

Finnish Championship 2012 - Bodybuilding divisions
Pictures, results and video

Combined with the Nordic Pro there was also held the Finnish national Championship. They devided the contest into two parts. .... read more


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