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Mr. Olympia 2014 - Pressconference
Feud between Phil and Kai

Host Bib Chicerillo announced the 2014 pressconference with the fact, that the prizemoney reached $ 1.1 Mio, the Olympia is .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2013 - Finale
Results, report and pictures

Crowded house at the 49th Mr. Olympia with nearly 10.000 visitors. t was the very first Olympia after the founder Joe Weider .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2013 - Prejudging report
Phil Heath spot on - Cutler and Big Ramy disappointing

The 2013 Mr. Olympia prejudging is just over and delivered a lot of - unexpected - answers to all the questions circling .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2013 - complete press conference open class
all statements from two camera angles

We are now back with the complete video of the press conference in HD and filmed from 2 different angles to .. read more

Nordic Pro 2013 - Wrap-Up
Our in depth analysis with Chris Dunn

As usual we also have a interesting wrap up from the Nordic Pro - this time with Chris Dunn husband of IFBB Pro Figur Krista .... read more

Nordic Pro - Prejudging Report
Lesukov disapointing, Shabunia surprising

A few moments ago past the Prejudging of the Nordic Pro and we got the answer of the question how good Alexey Lesukov will .... read more

Nordic Pro - Flashreport
Finally 1st for Baito Abbaspour

A few minutes ago the Nordic Pro 2013 finished with a winner deserved the victory: Baitollah Abbaspour got his very first pro .... read more

Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly
plus video of posing routine of victorious Evan Centopani

Evan Centopani went to Tampa as the #1 favorite and came, saw and conquered. He had enough of it all to let the other .... read more

Chicago Wings of Strength - Flashreport
Roell Winklaar wins Chicago

While Roelly Winklaar got to went through an odyssey for his last year Mr. Olympia qualifikation he was successful in 2013 at .... read more

New York Pro - Video Womens divisions and Mens Physique
Bikini, Figure, Women´s and Men´s Physique on video

We now show you the video of the other division when we already released the video of the read more

New York Pro Flashreport
Big Ramy spoils Martinez' Comeback

Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elsbiay came, saw and conquered!
Ramy was raised prematurely very much - and he delivered! At his pro ..
read more

New York Pro - Video and Results
Watch the mens posing routines and comparisons

As part of our extensive coverage of the New York Pro 2013 we now present you the video of the men's bodybuilding classes with .. read more

New York Pro - Prejudging Flashreport
Pictures and Video of the Big Ramy Show

The prejudging of this years New York Pro is just over. This year, with Bikin, Figure, Mens open, 212 and Mens and Womans .... read more

Mr. Europe Pro - Wrap-Up
Analysis with IFBB Judge K.P. Ourama

We are analysing the results of the Mr. Europe Pro show in our wrap up, that we made together with IFBB Judge K.P. .... read more

Mr. Europe Pro - Results,Report and Video
Comparisons and all posing routines caught on video

Yesterday took the Mr. Europe Pro place in St. Susanna / Spain. Robert Piotrkowicz showed up in the shape of his life: Sharp, .... read more

Arnold Classic Brazil
Brandon Curry with his first pro victory

Yesterday the first South American edition of the Arnold Classic took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - and it had several .... read more

Australia Pro 2013 - Flashreport
Dexter got 3rd win in a row

Dexter Jackson got the victory in Australia last night which was his 3rd win in a row after the read more

Ms. International, Figur & Fitness International - Results
Iris Kyle, Tanji Johnson and Candice Keen on top

After beeing out of action due to injury last year, Iris Kyle continues her winning run and gets once again Ms. International .... read more

Masters Olympia - Finals
Coverage live from Miami Beach

Dexter Jackson rewins in Miami Beach! It was quite clear from the beginning that there would nobody got close to "the Blade" .... read more

Masters Olympia - Prejudging
Half-time report, Video and pictures

The prejudging of the Maasters Olympia and the Pro Women´s Figure, Fitness & Bikini World Cup is over. You`ll find .... read more

Prague Pro 2012 - Flashreport with VIDEO
Results from Prag

Just a few minutes ago the Prague Pro Grand Prix went over. Dennis Wolf was able to beat Shawn Rhoden on his "European .... read more

Prague Pro Bodybuilding and Amateur Bikini Olympia
Video of the Prejudging

The Prague Pro Grand Prix as also a pro Bikini division with a total of 13 competitors.

Also there is the very first .... read more

Prague Pro - Prejudging Report
Our Analysis after the ´prejudging

The Prague Pro Grand Prix pre judging just ended a few minutes ago.

Most of the athlets could start fuller today then .... read more

Prague Pro 2012 - Video of the 212 class
See the posing of winner Flex Lewis and all other competitors

In the 212 class of the Prague Pro 2012 the winner was once again James Flex Lewis with Sami al Haddad and Eduardo Correa .... read more

Prague Pro 2012 - Bikini Video
Finals of Bikini Pros and Amateur Bikini Olympia

In our video of the bikini finals you will see the 3 classes (tall,medium,small) of the Amateur Bikine Olympia first, followed .. read more

British Grand Prix 2012 - Results and Report
Shawn Rhoden and Flex Lewis win in Manchester

Shawn Rhoden was able to win his 4th show this year, but he showed this time some weaknesses. If he is not 100% in shape he .... read more

British Grand Prix 2012 - Prejudging
Prejudging report and pictures

The British Grand Prix is the next stop of the IFBB Proleague European tour and is being held this weekend in manchester. In .... read more

Arnold Europe 2012 - report and video
All posing routines and top 6 comparisons on video

2012 seems to be Shawn Rhodens year, after not even making it to the finals at the Arnold Classic in spring, this fall he .... read more

Arnold Classic Europe 2012 - Pro Prejudging
Shawn Rhoden could make it to the Top

The pro prejudging of the 2012 Arnold Classic Europe just endet with the last callout consisting of Roelly Winklaar, Shawn .... read more

Arnold Classic Europe - Preview
Who competes? Who could win?

On saturday the 2nd the Arnold Classic Europe will take place in Madrid, Spain. Last year that competition was won by Victor .... read more

Sheru Classic 2012 - Prejudging
Rematch: Kai vs. Phil - plus Video

Some minutes ago the prejudging of the Sheru Classic in Dehli, India, endet. As expected, the guys didnt show up with there .... read more

Sheru Classic 2012 - Report and Results
Phil Heath, David Henry, Erin Stern and Nicole Nagrani win in India

Like last year, the finals of the Sheru Classic in India were just amazing. A huge arena with about 15.000 spectators, a .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2012 - 212 Showdown Finals
Flex Lewis is new champion

At the 212 class finals there were 4 athletes that had the potential for a victory: Flex Lewis, David Henry, Eduardo Correa .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2012 - report
Phil Heath wins second title

Finally, the reigning champion prevailed again! Phil Heath just won his second Mr. Olympia title in Las Vegas. With the .... read more

212 Olympia Showdown - weigh-in
First time cards on the table

As 212lbs weight limit applies in the 212 class, athletes have to be weighted, of course. This weigh-in happens on the expo .... read more

Olympia 2012 - Women -Finals
Iris Kyle and Adela Garcia set new records, Erin Stern gets title back

In the Bikini Class, Fitness and Womens Bodybuilding the finals were scheduled for today already.

Bikini .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2012 - Prejudging
2nd Sandow for Heath or sensation for Greene?

The prejudging of this years Mr. Olympia is just over and therefore the waiting, which predictions will come .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2012 - 212 Showdown Prejudging
The small guys give a great show

As the 212 class gets more and more popular with the athletes, not just the number of competitors is rising but also the level .. read more

Olympia 2012 - Women - Prejudging
Bikini, Figure, Fitness und Ms. Olympia Prejudging-Report

This morning the womens prejudging tool place at the Olympia Expo stage.

Ms. Olympia

In the prejudging Iris .... read more

Mr Olympia Preview - Whos gonna win?
Will Phil Heath get his second title?

Only two days left until the most important and prestigious competition in bodybuilding - the Mr. Olympia 2012.

In 47 .... read more

Nordic Pro - Overview
plus Finnish Nationals and Fitness Expo

The Nordic Pro with winner Roelly Winklaar was held last weekend in Finland compined with the Fitness Expo and the Finnish .... read more

Nordic Pro - Figure
Results and video

Also the Womens Pro Figure devision took place in Finland were Gal Ferrera-Yates won undisputed and got her ticket für .... read more

Nordic Pro - Finals video
The posing routines on camera

The prejudging is followed by the individual posingroutine in which the athletes can do their favorite poses at the music of .... read more

Nordic Pro - Athletes meeting
Last instruction prior to the show

A few minutes ago the athletesmeeting prior to the Nordic Pro Grand Prix took place at the "Lathi Halli"-Exhibition .... read more

Nordic Pro 2012 - Roelly Winklaar wins
Results plus video of winning posing routine

Roelly Winklaar uses his last chance to get to the Olympia this year and won the Nordic Pro Grand Prix in Finnland. Nobody .... read more

Nordic Pro - Prejudging Video
The Prejudging from Finland

The prejudging started with the introduction of the athletes and the single posing with mandatory poses in the order of their .... read more


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