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Ronny Rockel rocks Austria
Guestposing three weeks out to his comeback

IFBB Pro Ronny Rockel is currently preparing for his comeback after he made a break when he became a father. He will be back .... read more

Tuesday Time Travel - Flex Wheeler
from amateur to 'the Master of Symetrie'

Kenneth Wheeler did not had an easy childhood, when he got to face child abuse and had a difficult time at school due to .... read more

Kai Greene - 1 month after Mr. Olympia
Guestposing in Alaska

It´s one month ago, since Kai Greene finished second at the Mr. Olympia. He had a very big hype this year, because he .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2013 - Predictions of the legends
Interviews with Franco Columbu, Lee Haney, Lee Lebrada and Ed Connors

We ask not just someone but the legends for their predictions to this years Olympia and if Jay Cutler really got a chance .. read more

Interview with Team Cutler Member
Eric DiLauro speaks with Body-Xtreme

We met Jay Cutlers trainer Eric DiLauro at the Gym in Las Vegas. Eric is a native canadian, competed by hisself on stage and .... read more

Daniele Seccarecci is dead
Italian Pro died of heart attack after Nordic Pro

The italian pro bodybuilder Daniele Seccarecci is dead. According to the italian sports magazine read more

Interview with Alexey Leskuv
athletes meeting at Nordic Pro 2013

We are just back from the Nordic Pro athletes meeting, where we could have an eye on all competitors.
We have seen Lionel ..
read more

Nordic Pro - One day out
Interview with Figre Pro Krista Dunn

"Hoi Suomi" - Hello from Finnland - only one day out until the european pro season starts with the Nordic Pro in Lahti. We are .. read more

Tuesday Time Travel - Phil Heath' Way on stage
and his first meeting with Jay Cutler

As a young guy Phil Heath looked like an atletic teen, playing from 1998 - 2002 basketball at .... read more

Tuesday Time Travel - Branch Warren beats Jay Cutler - when they were Teens
At the Teen Nationals 1993

Branch Warren startet to workout just to put on some muscles for football when his training collegues discoverd his potential .... read more

USA Update = Jackpot
More prizemoney at the Olympia

Probodybuilders got only a short time window, in which they are able to earn some money. Compared to other sports it is not .... read more

IFBB Pro Ed van Amsterdam passed away
Deadly heartattack at age 40

We received the sad information that IFBB Pro Eduard van Amsterdam passed away due to a heart attack.

"The Dutsch .... read more

USA Update - Kai Greene on the rise
Greene, Jackson, Martinez, Centopani und Cutler on one stage

A lot of people a talking about Kai Greene as future Mr. Olympia since his guestapprearance at the Toronto Pro Show. He is in .... read more

Ms. International canceled
Women´s pro bodybuilding no longer in the Arnold Weekend

Arnolds Sportfestival promoter Jim Lorimer announced yesterday, that womens pro bodybuilding willbe no longer be a part of the .. read more

Nathalie Falk - New York Impressions
A private picture gallery of her travel to the Big Apple

IFBB Women´s Physique Pro Nathalie Falk is currently in the USA and was able to enter the TOP 15 in past .... read more

Mark Dugdale 'resurrected' in the 212 division
Third Place at the New York Pro

Not only made Victor Martinez an incredible comeback at the New York .... read more

The 'Big Ramy' Story
Backgroundinfo about NY Pro winner 'Big Ramy' Mamdouh Elsbbiay

New York is always good for a surprise and so the big comeback of IFBB Pro read more

Victor Martinez - Flubbed Comeback inspite of TopShape
What comes next?

It could have been the biggest his greatest night ever: Victor Martinez steped on stage in his town New York 18 month after .... read more

New York Pro - Preview
Overview of the favorites

The New York Pro will take place this weekend in NYC. Its one of the most prestigious contest in the world and this year the .... read more

Roman Fritz wows the crowd
German conditioning phenomenon at guest posing in Berlin

Roman Fritz, Germany's conditioning phenomenon and former junior world champion, did an amazing guest posing last sunday at a .... read more

Cedric McMillan disqualified at Arnold Brazil
Bad luck for FIBO Pro winner

After just placing 5th at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Cedric McMillan managed to finally win at the FIBO Pro Show in .... read more

Nasser El Sonbaty passed away
Arnold Classic champ died at only 47

Nasser El Sonbaty is dead. One of the greatest bodybuilding stars of the 90's died. Rumors says caused by kidney problems. .... read more

Dan Hill got to appear in court
An Body-Xtreme Exclusive

The FIBO in Germany is coming up and some of you mind think about what happend to Dan Hill. He got into the so called "Dan .... read more

Time Travel: 25 years of Arnold Classic
Review to the history of the Arnolds Classic

Only a few days left until the Arnold Classic will have its 25th anniversary. The idea for this event was created by Arnold .... read more

Shawn Ray - His first steps into pro bodybuilding
Youngest winner, suspension and disqualification

Shawn Ray startet competing in bodybuilding at the age of 17 and just 2 years later he already became overall junior world .... read more

Tuesday Time Travel - The very frist Arnold Classic
Rich Gaspari became first Arnold Champ in 1989

In a little bit more then two weeks will the 25th annual Arnold Classic take place. A good opportunity to have a look back to .... read more

Time Travel: Arnold Classice 1993
The best Flex Wheeler of all times

At the beginning of 1993 all prognoses about possible winners of the upcoming Arnold Classic were circulating about Vince .... read more

Nasser El Sonbaty - His Way to the top - and back
Portrait of Huge Nasser

Nasser El Sonbaty was one of the professional bodybuilding superstars of the 90´s and representative of the extrem .... read more

Erich Janner - A look back to over 50 years of bodybuilding
The soul of german and european bodybuilding gets 70

Everybody who is interested in bodybuilding contests, sooner or later gets in contact with one name: Erich Janner. Erich is .... read more

Tuesday Time Travel - Cutler tough rise in Pro Bodybuilding
His last amateurshow and his an overview of his career

Back in Jahr 1996 at the NPC Nationals in Dallas. A young man named Jay Cutler won the Heavyweight division and was favorite .... read more

USA Update - Forecast and Farewell
DJ says good bye, Arnolds competitors lists and more

After he competed at the Masters Olympia Dennis James will bot compete onesmore. In a german bodybuilding board (DJ lived .... read more

Revealed: How the apocalypse was stopped
Jo Atlas saves the world

Based on the Maya calender the apocalypse should have happend last friday. But thanks to Jo Atlas it was prevented from .... read more

USA Update - Target setting 2013
Pros planing on upcoming 2k13

Evan Centopani joins forces with Chris Aceto for 2013. Chris is one of the leading Pro-Preparer and will certainly get the .... read more

Masters Olympia - Guestposers
Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman, Francis Benfatto, Samir Bannout

Not only had there been a awesome lineup in the contest but also in the showprogram. Francis Benfatto showed up with an .... read more

Troy Alves about his chance to win
Plus Jarka explains the live broadcast

We met Troy Alves at his depleeding work out two days prior to the Masters Olympia at Jarka´s Gym. Troy got fifth last .... read more

Masters Olympia - Vince Taylor on his career and health, Jarka on the Event
Only one week out to the Miami Show!

Just one week ou to the Masters Olympia in Miami.We spoke to the promoter of the show Jarka Lorie Schneider, who was .... read more

USA Update - Ribs n' more
Wilkons and Raymond want to gain, Mike Katz fractures ribs

Jose Raymondis going to compete in Australia 2013 and plans to switch to the open division! That´s what he told during .... read more

Tuesday Time Travel - Arnolds '95 - The surprise winner
Mike Francois beat Flex Wheeler

Let´s go back to year 1995 - Arnold Classic. Flex Wheeler won that contest in 1993 but skipped the show in 1994 due to a .. read more

Scandal at the NAC Universe
Turkish athlete sent backstage by his trainer at victory ceremony

It should have been just one of the 14 victory ceremonies when the „Athletic 2“ athletes of the NAC Universe .. read more

USA Update - New York, New York
Victor Martinez comes back, Antoine Vaillant debuts in New York

After Jay Cutler announce the signing of the official Olympia 2013 competitor contract, Victor Martinez wasted no time. He .... read more

Backstage beef between Ben White and Roelly Winklaar
'How can it be that you always place that well, Roelly?'

Earlier this month we released an article about Roelly Winklaar and his read more

Tuesday Time Travel - Nationals '91 - The legends as amateurs
Levrone, Wheeler and Coleman fighting for the Pro Card

The NPC Nationals 1991 might be the best amateur show of all times, when a historical lineup included Kevin Levrone, Flex .... read more

Dennis James - Foretaste of his comeback
Guestappearance at the Bavarian championship

Dennis James had a guestposing tonight at the Bavarian Championship in which he showed a preview of what we can expect of his .... read more

USA Update - Comeback and Retirement
Jay Cutler annouces date of retirement

With reneign Mr. Olympia Phil Heath as a witness Jay Cutler signed past weekend at the read more

Bodybuilding legend Sergio Oliva passed away
R.I.P. Mr. Olympia 1967 - 69

We have been reached by the said message, that Bodybuilding legend Sergio Oliva passed away at an age of 71. It is told that .... read more

Daniel Hill wants to become a mma fighter
His new plan - fighting debut extimated in 2013

Dan Hill is IFBB Pro since 5 years and seems like looking for his next opportunity, when he announced on Facebook that he .... read more

USA Update - The Nationals Preview
The last of the this years three big NPC Shows

Tomorrow will be the day of the NPC Nationals, one of the three big NPC shows and there are nearly 1000 competitors expected! .... read more

Tuesday Time Travel - IFBB Spain Grand Prix '97
Kevin Levrone´s last winning streak

Let´s go back to year 1997, the last year of the Dorian Yates ara. Flex Wheeler won the Arnold Classic earlier that year .. read more

Roelly Winklaar - Ups and Downs
Review of his season 2012

Roelly Winklaar jumped into the fight for this years Olympia qualifikation very late as he startet past summer at the Europa .... read more

Prague Pro 2012 - Freeman, Jackson und Al Haddad
Interviews right after finals

Right after the show we spoke to Toney Freeman, who placed just at 5th. Toney saids that he´s not disappointed because .... read more

British Grand Prix 2012 - Freeman and Piotrkowicz
Interview right after the finals

After the decisions were made at the British Grand Prix we talk with the third place finisher Toney Freeman. Different from .... read more

Sami Al Haddad challenges Olympia champ Flex Lewis
Sami´s going to compete at the British Grand Prix

212 professional bodybuilding Sami Al Haddad has been one of a few you got a disadvantage from the new Olympia qualifikation .... read more

Toney Freeman after his 5th place
Interview about his view on the Arnold Classic

After his 5th place at the Arnold Classic Europe we met a really disappointed Toney Freeman at the Expo. In our interview he .... read more

USA Update - The sponsors and legends quest
plus preview of the next pro shows and Kai Greene news

The shooting star of the second half of this year, Shawn Rhoden.´is still not under contract of a US company, but there .... read more

Interview with Lenda Murray
The 8-times Ms. Olympia going to comment the Masters broadcast

Lenda Murray is a legend in the bodybuilding sport and became an ikon during the 90´s when she won 6 Ms. Olympia Titel. .... read more

Sheru Classic 2012 - Pressconference
plus the indian fans and the 212 weigh-in

Today took the press conference of the second Sheru Classic in New-Dehli place which began with the cut of the rope band which .. read more

Kai Greenes Metamorphosys
Mr. Olympia 2011 compared with his attendence 2012

Last year Kai Greene entered the Olymia as being one of the Top Favorites for the victory and attended with nearly 290lbs. At .... read more

VIDEO: Victor Martinez after his armwrestling-accident
How seriously injured is he really?

Victor Martinez is always good for a surprise: After his phenomenal .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2012 - Press conference
2012 olympians frist time together on stage

The competitors of this years Mr. Olympia had been on one stage together for the first time at the pressconference today. New .... read more

Dennis James Comeback at Masters Olympia
Official Announcement at Olympia press conference

Shortly after Bob Chic indroduced his co-host Dennis James at the press conference, both started talking about a possible .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2012 - Meet the Olympians
Interviews with Jackson, Henry, Nagrani, Freeman and more

Meet the Olympians gives the fans the chance to get really close to the olympians, get autographs or memory .... read more

Interview with Lukas Osladil
Toronto Pro winner 3 days out

Lukas Osladil from Czech won the Toronto Pro in the 212 division in his pro debut. We met him today at the Orleans Hotel, to .... read more

Mr. Olympia 2012 - The Fans
Let the fans speak in our video from Vegas

Right before the press conferance started we interviewed some fans who traveled to Las Vegas for seeing the big .... read more

Jay Cutlers Mr.Olympia Prediction
Former Mr. Olympia´s opinion on this year

Jay Cutler will definitely not in this year competitor field, after he under went a surgery on his biceps earlier this year .... read more

Lukas Osladil and Bill Wilmore - Training prior to the Olympia
The two Toronto Pro champs working out

Lukas Usladil and Bill Wilmore are currently in Miami Beach, were they do their preparation during the last days before they .... read more

Victor Martinez seriously injured
Bad luck does not end

Victor Martinez is still followed by bad luck. Just when he came back over the 260lbs mark after he was several month behind .... read more

Italian Wesley Gasparotto prepares for Arnold Europe
Italian junior athlete 6 weeks out

Still 6 weeks to go till the Arnold Europe in spain in the middle of october and more and more athletes are named to be .... read more

Sheru Classic 2012 - Trailer
Asias biggest bodybuilding event is back

The Sheru Classic brings the best of the best in the bodybuilding world to India to asias biggest bodybuilding show. Though .... read more

Master Olympia Update - Whos gonna show up ¿
Exclusive interview with promoter Jarka Lorie-Schneider

We met Jarka Lorie-Schneider, promoter of this years Master Olympia in Miami. With last years MIAMI Pro Masters World Cup she .... read more

1,3-DMAA banned
Prohibition of sale for products with Methylhexanamine / 1,3-dimethylamylamine

From today on it´s no longer aloud to sell products within the european union which contain 1,3-DMAA (Methylhexanamine / .. read more

Mark Wahlberg launches his own Supplementbrand
Actor brings his Marked Nutrition

Actor Mark Wahlber, know for his good developed body, is currently in the theaters with his Movie no Pain, not gain. .... read more


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