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USA Update
USA Update - Adventures and Fights
Lee Priest publishes book, Phil Heath wife got cancer, Zack Khan delays pro debut and more

Dexter Jackson has a run at the moment: After winning the Arnold Classic at its 25th anniversary two weeks ago, bringing him .... read more

USA Update - After Arnolds
New judging guidelines coming up? Whats next for McMillan

The Arnold Classic 2013 is history now, but not the discussion about the placings. What many of the spectators didnt like: for .. read more

USA Update - Columbus Countdown
How will McMillan look like?

The 25th .... read more

USA Update - Arnolds Ahead
McMillan shows shape, Hide´s wrist broken and more

The Arnold Classic is just around the corner and so more and more News, Pictures and Videos are coming up. And now, after the .... read more

USA Update - The Jacksons
Johnny Jackson and Dexter Jackson in preparation

Johnny Jackson seems to be on the up this year. At first he signed a contract with Probiotica, one of the big players in the .... read more

USA Update - The early bird doesnt get much money
Victor Martinez shows his current shape, Jay Cutler soon on stage again and more

Amazingly many pros, like Dennis Wolf, Evan Centopani, Kai Greene and Branch Warren leave out the spring season and thus the .... read more

USA Update: Spring season is coming up
Next stop: Arnold Classic

Jay Cutler, who currently is on promotion tour in florida, recently stopped by at the West Palm Beach GNC Store. When arriving .. read more

USA Update - Life goes on
BSN and Dennis Wolf after they split up

While the contract of Dennis Wolf with BSN wasn´t continoued he can still cound on Muscular Develment. MD released read more

USA Update - Bus and air traffic
Jay and Ronnie on tour, Haman flight cancelled due to overweight

A little bit funny, Bodybuildings joker and IFBB Pro Andy Haman and his son got to leave an airplane, because the plan could .... read more

USA Update - End and comeback
Dennis Wolf without BSN, Kris Dim starting to walk and more news

Dennis Wolf and BSN split up! After 3 year the sponsorship of BSn ended on december 2012.

"I was honored to .... read more

USA Update - Cutlers Comeback
Jay Cutler on Comeback trail in Venice

Jay Cutler got to face the maybe biggest challenge of his carrer: He wants not only to comeback to the Olympia Stage in nearly .. read more

USA Update - Lucky Khan, unlucky Victor
Zack Khan with upcoming prodebut, Martinez still followed by bad luck

Now its getting serious for Zack Khan and his pro debut. The british muscle sensation had a bad time after his read more

USA Update - Atrophy of the 212 division
Reigning champ Kevin English and Sami Al Haddad out of Olympia

After the mens open division of this years Olympia lost two of their favorites with Jay Cutler and Victor Martinez also the .... read more

USA Update - Jay joins Team bpi, Kim Kold makes movie
and more about Olympians preparation status

After a long period of being without a nutrtion sponsor and lots of rumors going around .. read more

USA Update - Shawn Rhoden and Jay Cutler are out
Rhoden looses sponsorship, Cutler not competing this year

Bad news for all Jay Cutler fans: For the very first time since the past 10 years, Jay will not be competing in the Olympia. .... read more

USA Update - Victor Martinez out of the Mr. Olympia
plus the current Olympia qualifikation points

Victor Martinez placed sixtimes in the TOP 5 at the Mr. Olympia and never outside the TOP 10. When he was release from prision .. read more


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