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Mr. Europe Pro - Interviews
Robert Piotrkowicz and Toney Freeman

Right after the results were made at the Mr. Europe Pro we spoke to victorious Robert Piotrkowicz, who´s very proud of .... read more

Masters Olympia - Wilmore, Freeman, Cahling
Interviews at the pressconferenz

At the pressconference of the 2012 Masters Olympia we spoke to Bill Wilmore. He got in third last year and shocked with his .... read more

Mike Quinn talks turkey
Interview at the Masters Olympia

Mike Quinn was suposed to compete in the Masters Olympia but unfortunately he toar his quad during hacksquads only a few weeks .. read more

Clarence Devis - One day prior Finnland
Night before Nordic Pro

On the evening before the Nordic Pro Grand Prix in Finnland we met competitor Clarence Devis who was busy on carbing up: Every .. read more


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