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The 'Big Ramy' Story

Backgroundinfo about NY Pro winner 'Big Ramy' Mamdouh Elsbbiay

Wednesday, 29.05.2013

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The 'Big Ramy' Story
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New York is always good for a surprise and so the big comeback of IFBB Pro Victor Martinez turned into the "Big Ramy Show", when this guy not only came, saw and conquered the show, but also got all the other guys in the line up look small.

But how was this Big Ramy, who´s named Mamdouh Elsbbiay, crop up from nowhere and how did he got to such a monster?

The Big Ramy story

Mamdouh Elsbbiay is 28 years old, 5,9" high. He was born in Egypt but know lifes in Kuwait where he got to 7 years ago to work as a fisherman. He is married and got two kids. His youngest one, a girl, was born at the night of the New York Pro Show.

He began to workout in 2003. His favorite bodybuilder was at the beginning Dorian Yates, later it was Victor Martinez. Due to an incident he got to quit working out after only 7 month.

2010 he was given a job at the famous "Oxygen Gym" in Kuwait. And just from that time one he began to workout again.

2011 his bodyweight raised to not very good conditioned 200lbs. He got his contest debut at the Amateur Olympia 2012 with 286lbs on stage ! He earned the win in the superheavy weight division and also the overall victory.

Because of his win at the Amateur Olympia he was qualified for the Mr. Olympia 2013 in Las Vegas.

His coach Dennis James advised him to show up in a show prior to the Olympia to built up his name among the pros. So they plan to prepare for the Mr. Olympia.

Dennis got him on a zerio carb diet 11 days out of the show.

We are really looking forward to, to see this guy in his Mr. Olympia debut later this year.

Have a look at his victorious posing routine at the New York Pro 2013 in the videobox below.

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