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Troy Alves about his chance to win

Plus Jarka explains the live broadcast

Thursday, 06.12.2012

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Troy Alves about his chance to win
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We met Troy Alves at his depleeding work out two days prior to the Masters Olympia at Jarka´s Gym. Troy got fifth last year, but wasn´t happy with his placing, because in his opinion, he did not get the comparisons with the guys in front.

This year he comes to Miami to win the show. He think´s Dexter the ä1 opponent as he´s the last years winner, but "Dexter is beatable...there´s no Ronnie Coleman in this show". Troy said

You can watch the video of this interview on ansehen, for which we made this interview.

Livebroadcast of the Masters Olympia

Organizer Jarka got a live internet broadcast this year, fo which you guys should register to o watch this awesome show.

Last but not least tells us Jarka in the Video in the box below, how Dennis James current shape looks like.

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