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Tuesday Time Travel - Flex Wheeler

from amateur to 'the Master of Symetrie'

Tuesday, 24.06.2014

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Tuesday Time Travel - Flex Wheeler
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Kenneth Wheeler did not had an easy childhood, when he got to face child abuse and had a difficult time at school due to dislexia. But his talent was in sports.

He began very young with martial arts and weightlifting, He compete in bodybuilding the very first time in 1983 and won the Teen Mr. America 1985. Not well know is that he worked as a Sheriff before he concentrated to bodybuilding for fulltime.

At the end of the 80s/early 90s he fought against the legends Chris Cormier, Ronnie Coleman and Kevin Levrone for getting a pro card.

He achieved this goal by winning the 1992 NPC USA. Already then he named himself as "Flex Wheeler" because he had an extraordinary flexability and was able to move into a full split.

He jumped to the top as a pro when he won the Arnolds Classic just a few month after his last amateur contest. After that he got Vice-Mr. Olympia and was in charge for getting the title the next year.

Unfortunately he got involved into a car accident 1994 in which he nearly died and was not able to compete the hole year.

He came back in 1995 but was not ready to win a big show since the Arnolds Classic 1997.

Overall he won the Arnolds Classic fourtimes, but 1998 might was his best year. Have a look at the video here to have a look at his shape.

But another bad luck for him that Ronnie Coleman raised up to get the Mr. Olympia titel in 1998 and was the undisbuted champ for many year.

Driven by the trend that Coleman set, Flex got more and more massive and won the Arnolds Classic 2000, but he got to retire because of heavy kidney problems which end up in a kidney transplantation.

He come back in 2002 at the Olympia and finished his carriere with a thirth place at the Ironman Pro.

His extraordinary posing and presentation going together with his insane back development and his full, round musclebellies are legendary till ourdays.

The video of Flex Wheeler last amateur contest in 1992 is below.

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