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Tuesday Time Travel - IFBB Spain Grand Prix '97

Kevin Levrone´s last winning streak

Tuesday, 06.11.2012

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Tuesday Time Travel - IFBB Spain Grand Prix '97
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Let´s go back to year 1997, the last year of the Dorian Yates ara. Flex Wheeler won the Arnold Classic earlier that year with his new look of less mass with better condition and was on the way to conquer the 1998 Olympia.

At that Arnold Classic 1997 Kevin Levrone earned the 8th place, the worst place he ever had during his hole pro carrer in which he won the Arnold Classic '94 and '96. At the Olympia '97 he was able to get back into a TOP 4 position.

In that times there `s been the "Mr. Olympia Revange Tour". A series of contest across europe. Some of them follow the other just on the next day.

Kevin Levrone wss known for showing his best shape AFTER the Mr. Olympia and so it was not a surprise, that he won the Czech, British, Finland, German, Hungary and the Spain Grand Prix during that tour. He was also able to beat Vice Mr. Olympia 1997 Nasser El Sonbaty in these shows.

At 7th place at the Spain Grand Prix was a man called Ronnie Coleman, who made history just the next year when he won 8 Olympia title in a row.

In the videobox you can watch the Spanin Grand Prix, the last show of the European Tour 1997 and you will see best Kevin Levrone´s ever.

Results IFBB Spanien Grand Prix 1997

  1. Kevin Levrone
  2. Nasser El Sonbaty
  3. Lee Priest
  4. Paul Dillett
  5. Jean Pierre Fux
  6. Chris Cormier
  7. Ronnie Coleman
  8. Vince Taylor
  9. Milos Sarcev
  10. Mike Matarazzo

The Video of the IFBB Spanien Grand Prix 1997

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