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Tuesday Time Travel - Nationals '91 - The legends as amateurs

Levrone, Wheeler and Coleman fighting for the Pro Card

Tuesday, 20.11.2012

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Tuesday Time Travel - Nationals '91 - The legends as amateurs
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The NPC Nationals 1991 might be the best amateur show of all times, when a historical lineup included Kevin Levrone, Flex Wheeler and Ronnie Coleman in their fight for a Procard.

Kevin won that show and got to be the pro with the most victories ever. After he tor his pecs in 1994 his chest hasn´t been that full even at the prostage compared to his 1991 contition. He was just 23 years old when he won the Nationals.

It was very close when Flex Wheeler got the runner-up, but even to that time he was able to show his full muscle bellies which make him win that contest one year later easily. He got a winning streak in his 1993 pro debut year after he got involved into a car accident and after that he was trying to put on much more size, maybe too much. He never had been that good like in that time.

In 3rd came "Quadzilla" Paul DeMayo. He strenghts were his Quad and caves. He was able to turn pro later but he did not good much success. Unfortunately he died 2005 only at age 37 when he got a drug overdoseage.

4th place finisher was a guy named Ronnie Coleman. You expected at that time, that this guy would be able to win 8 sandow statues?

Enjoy the video in the videobox below.

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