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USA Update - Arnolds Ahead

McMillan shows shape, Hide´s wrist broken and more

Thursday, 21.02.2013

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USA Update - Arnolds Ahead
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The Arnold Classic is just around the corner and so more and more News, Pictures and Videos are coming up. And now, after the field of competitors shrunk significantly, one guy becomes the favorite in the eyes of many experts:

Cedrick McMillan - he shows up in great shape at 277lbs (about 125,6kg). A view at our pictures above shows: he is right on time!


Dexter wants title no. 4

Cedrick's closest rival will also give him the "hardest" battle - in the actual sense of the word: 3 weeks out "The Blade" Dexter Jackson shows his  arm training in really good shape. Some in depth information about his 2013 Arnold Classic preparation can be found in the latest MD edition. A few excerpts of his chest, legs and biceps training can be found online.

Nothing to Hide

For Hidetada Yamagishi things are going less good. He was close to cancelling his Arnold Classic appearance, as he did broke his wrist.  In his blog its clearly visible that the wrist is still swollen. So it keeps exciting how he finally will look like on stage - but this injury wont make the prep eayier for sure.

And finally also Fouad Abiad is back. This year he wants to achieve his big breakthrough and gives a lot for that. Last year he was so unsatisfied with his placing at the Arnold Classic, that he simply quit - during the competition! This year, he promised, that wont happen again and so he shows his new arms should bring him a better placing.

100% respect

That bodybuilding knows almost no boundaries shows the story of young Randy Tiner. The sport brought him back to life and even with his "slight" disability he never gives up.
An unprecedented commitment that deserves 100% respect and should motivate everybody that feels weak on one day or the other.

King Kamali comeback ahead?

Some years ago there was a guy named King Kamali. You either loved or hated him. Now there is a new pic of him, that shows him pretty massive and you it could come into your mind that he trains for more than just a hobby. And thats what he says about it:

"Getting bigger and bigger.. My head is getting back to normal and less stress means more mass. I will make a big announcement in a few weeks and it’s something that benefit everyone. Believe me when I say the best is yet to come. All my clients started their contest prep. for the spring and summer shows. I’m going for 6 overall wins in 2013 for the King’s Army."

Last but not least

To give the girls also a (well deserved) place in the USA Update, here is a small compilation of news about the female athletes in prep for the Arnolds

  • Lacey DeLuca, rising bikini athlete, shows a little bit of her training for the Arnolds. She is very pleasant and presents a new look for a bikini contest.
  • Also on preparation is figure athlete Alea Suarez. She shows her back and shoulder training
  • Ann Titone, also shows her back training
  • and Jennifer Strobo presents her chest routine

 More USA Updates weekly on thursdays by our teammember christian, only on Body-Xtreme.

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