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USA Update - Comeback and Retirement

Jay Cutler annouces date of retirement

Thursday, 15.11.2012

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USA Update - Comeback and Retirement
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With reneign Mr. Olympia Phil Heath as a witness Jay Cutler signed past weekend at the NPC Nationals his contract for competing at the Mr. Olympia 2013. So it´s now official and he also said if he won the title back, he will immediately retire. So it´s all or nothing next year in Vegas.
During an Interview he also said that there will be a new product coming to the US market in 2013 which have is name on it. So his sense for business is still endless.

Dennis James continous

Dennis James extendes his contract with Weider/AMI will still be seen in their interviews and wrap-ups.

And its also just 3 weeks till you will compete at the Masters Olympia in Miami. He sneak preview will be seen at the Bavarian Championship this weekend where he will have an guest appearance.

2 new Mr. and Ms. Olympia?

The Women´s and Men´s Physique divisions will have their debut at the 2013 Olympia Weekend. Actually it´s not clear if the winner will call theirselfes Mr. or Ms. Olympia.

Last but noch least

New Pro Dallas McCarver signed with BSN and is now teammember together with Roelly Winklaar, Brandon Curry and Dennis Wolf.

More from your column USA Update weekly on thursday from our Teammember Christian

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