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USA Update - Kai Greene on the rise

Greene, Jackson, Martinez, Centopani und Cutler on one stage

Monday, 10.06.2013

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USA Update - Kai Greene on the rise
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A lot of people a talking about Kai Greene as future Mr. Olympia since his guestapprearance at the Toronto Pro Show. He is in the condition of his life and maybe the one whos able to encrown Phil Heath. You can see a video of his guestposing in the videobox below.

Also a lot of discusion is about the comeback of the year: Jay Culter. He announced to be the titelholder after the dusk cleared up after this years Olympia. At NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States in New York there was the opportunity the see both on one stage. Jay is huge with a quite good condition like you can see here.

At the end there was also a Posedown with there two guys joined by Juan Morel, Dexter Jackson, Evan Centopani and Victor Martinez. You don´t need to be a prophet to see, that nobody of them will be able to stop this Kai Grenne at the Olympia

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