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USA Update - Ribs n' more

Wilkons and Raymond want to gain, Mike Katz fractures ribs

Thursday, 29.11.2012

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USA Update - Ribs n' more
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Jose Raymondis going to compete in Australia 2013 and plans to switch to the open division! That´s what he told during in interview with Muscle Beach TV. This would be his first travel to the open class

Too much to the ribs

Mike Katz, fromer competitor of Arnold and Vice Mr. Olympia 1976 got an incident. He felt down a ladder and fratured 13 ribs, 3 spins, and hurts his lung. We sent him all the best for quick recovery

Big girl

Nicole Wilkins-Lee will not compete in the Ms Figure International 2013. The 3-times champ takes a longer break to gain on some more muscles. At the last Olympia she was about 4lbs lighter then she was usually.

Another Master

Jerome "Hollywood" Ferguson, who played in a few movies and is Pro since 2010 will compete at the Masters Olympia, after IFBB Pro Chairman Jim Mannion argued him to do so.

One day in the life of Dennis James

Dennis James give us a closer look into his preparation for the Masters Olympia, with the videos "One day in life of Dennis James Part 1, Part 2 und Teil 3

Last but not least

Hidetada Yamagishi changed his plans for competing in 2013. He was supposed to skip the Arnold and take the first half of 2013 off. But now he changed his schedule and he´s going to compete in Columbus. This will be the first time since 2 year that he competes there.

More news and gossip in our column USA Update - weekly on Thursday by our teammember Christian

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