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USA Update - Target setting 2013

Pros planing on upcoming 2k13

Thursday, 20.12.2012

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USA Update - Target setting 2013
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Evan Centopani joins forces with Chris Aceto for 2013. Chris is one of the leading Pro-Preparer and will certainly get the best out of Evan. Chris was also responsible for helping Shawn Rhoden out from his low placings earlier this year to 4 pro wins and bronce Mr. Olympia Medal.

Freeman join Team Menace

Toney Freeman signed a new sponsorship contract with Probiotica. He´s now new collegue to Dennis James who´s with Probiotica since 4 years. Also Big T. joins "Team Menace" with coach DJ.

Phil Heath Classic

Phil Heath is going to be a contest promoter. His first "Phil Heath Classic" will take place on 03/16/2013 in Houston/Texas. The athletes will get the opportunity to qualify for the NPC Nationals.

Dennis Wolf out of Arnolds 2013

Dennis Wolf makes it official: He will not compete at the Arnold Classic 2013. He wants to prepare 100% for next years Mr. Olympia after he competed the last years in the spring and fall season.


During the last weeks of the years some of the pros like to show theirselfes once again and so there are the videos of 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler(chest), Steve Kuclo(shoulders), Jon Delarosa(chest) and the youngest IFBB Pro Dallas McCarver(arms) online.

Last but not least

Der former Mr. Olympia and 2-times Masters Olympia champion Dexter Jackson resigned with Muscular Development for another year.

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