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USA Update - The sponsors and legends quest

plus preview of the next pro shows and Kai Greene news

Thursday, 11.10.2012

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USA Update - The sponsors and legends quest
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The shooting star of the second half of this year, Shawn Rhoden.´is still not under contract of a US company, but there are several rumors that MHP, MuscleMeds and VPX are very interested. Lets see who makes the deal at the end. Currently Shawn is supported by the brasilian company Probiotica where he´s in a team with Eduardo Correa, Dennis James and his coach Chris Aceto.

Ronnie Coleman is searchin for the next legend

Ronnie Coleman is going to sign his first athlet. His motto: "The Legends - the Future". Who´s ganna be? Maybe he should give a call to Shawn Rhoden...

"The Predator" is warming up for the Mr. Olympia 2013

Kai Greene is going to compete at next years Arnold Classic. By that he tries to get more attention and grow up his lobby to catch the Mr. Olympia Titel.

The next pros are coming...

The NPC National championship will take place in 4 weeks and will be the last chance for the americans to get a pro card this year.
The Super Heavy Weight division is going to be very interesting because the young guns Kevin Jordan and Sergio Oliva Jr. will step on stage against the veterans Brian Yersky, Dusty Hanshaw, Akim William and more. The young Kevin Jordan is supported by his coach Chad Nichols.

The Arnold Europe is coming up

The Arnold Europe will take place in Madrid this weekend. Dennis Wolf, Ronny Rockel and Steve Benthin are the representives of Germany on stage. The Favorit for the victory is Shawn Rhoden, if he was able to keep his condition from the  Olympia.

The next qualifikation points for Mr. O 2013

The Arnold Europe will be the second chance in this year after the Sheru Classic to qualify for the Mr. Olympia 2013. Toney Freeman and Roelly Winklaar were able safe their first points. Only the winner is qualified directly. The points will be given like this...
2nd – 6 Punkte
3rd – 5 Punkte
4th – 4 Punkte
5th – 3 Punkte

Although Hidetada Yamagishi placed just on 15th at the Olympia he is not going to get desparate. He is truly satisfied with his presentation an condition. It was the best Hide there´s ever been. Currently he is in preparation for the Arnold Europe and the British Grand Prix.

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