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USA Update = Jackpot

More prizemoney at the Olympia

Saturday, 13.07.2013

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USA Update = Jackpot
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Probodybuilders got only a short time window, in which they are able to earn some money. Compared to other sports it is not that much, but the prizemoney raises step by step.
The Olympia weekend, as the most prestigous bodybuilding and fitness contest in the world raises the prizemoney now up to 950.000$ in total.

The prizemoney is given out like to the several contest as the following:
Mr. Olympia: $650,000
212 Showdown: $60,000
Ms. Olympia: $60,000
Fitness Olympia: $60,000
Figure Olympia: $60,000
Bikini Olympia: $40,000
Men’s Physique Showdown: $10,000
Women’s Physique Showdown: $10,000
Total: $950,000

The winner got even 250.000 $!

This might be a result of last years contest, which was not very crowded. It helped a lot to make this years Olympia more interesting, that a lot of the TOP Pros did not compete in the spring season and will have their first contest this year at the Olympia. The higher prizemoney makes it more interesting for the athletes to concentrate only on that event.

Jays making of "Jays Comeback"

Jay Cutler was with Dave Bourlet in Venice for a legworkout. Jay look good 12 weeks out an seems to be in a goo mood. He met Charles Glass at the parking lot after the workout who makes some yokes because of Jays slow movement after the workout.

Wolf worksout well

Dennis Wolf shows us his chest workout. He talked earlier about going back to the free weights. Is workout is intense with a lot of sets and exercises. 

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