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USA Update: Spring season is coming up

Next stop: Arnold Classic

Friday, 01.02.2013

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USA Update: Spring season is coming up
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Jay Cutler, who currently is on promotion tour in florida, recently stopped by at the West Palm Beach GNC Store. When arriving he took the time to shake almost every fan's hand, before beeing available for pictures. Even new ways of communication where used to stay in contact with his fans: A girl came to the shop to arrange a "meeting" with Jay for her brother, a serving marine, via video conference - really great stuff! To be seen at 07:32 mins in the following video.

At the LA Fit Expo two weeks ago, Jay Cutler also announced, that he will indroduce something new at the upcoming Arnold Classic. Whether it will be a new supplement, a new brand, a new co-operation or someting else remained unclear.

Arnold becomes 25 (at least his contest)

A lot has happened and stayed in our memories in the past years. An old comrade of Arnold and former FLEX and now MD editor Peter McGough gives a short summery.

But also this years Arnold Classic has a lot to offer:

  • Cedrick McMillan shows a few pictures 5 weeks prior to the show
  • also 5 weeks out Pakman Ben Pakulski shows his chest workout.
  • Jon Delarosa is also in preparation, but flies to Brazil. Once again he shows up with the rising amateur Akim Williams and this time with an arm training. Jon will also be in New York later.

Second stop: New York

After the Arnolds the spring season will continue in New York and attract a lot of young big guys.  Jon Delarosa is expected to be really strong there.
Also the long-awaited comeback of Zack Khan is expected there, according his public announcement. And there is no doubt he is fighting like hell for that and he shows it.

But NY will also be the "shark tank" for a young canadian guy named Antoine Vaillant. He will give he pro debut there and he is REALLY determined to survive there. Not least because of his tough "Mountain Dod" training. How this looks like, he shows with the creator of that system, John Meadows, in a crazy back training.

also in the news..

Who remembers Mark Alvisi? The former Gaspari athlete, gifted with some classic lines, fell off the ladder to success after some serious cocaine problems and ended up in prison. Now he opened up a new online shop "pro sports nutrition" and also offers contest preparation. Interesting is, that his former girl friend Ava Cowan is shown pretty big on the home page. It seems he couldnt left the past completely behind....

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