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Victor Martinez - Flubbed Comeback inspite of TopShape

What comes next?

Tuesday, 28.05.2013

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Victor Martinez - Flubbed Comeback inspite of TopShape
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It could have been the biggest his greatest night ever: Victor Martinez steped on stage in his town New York 18 month after his last contest. After he made history as the very first Arnold Europe winner, he went into prison when he attempt to re-enter the United States. After a arrest of 7 month he was released, but only a few month later Victor broke his arm.

Now it was comback time and Victor surprise everybody when he came in bis best shape ever. He was not at his fullest, but when you have a look at the time he went through this was an insane condition that he showed up. It would have been his night, if a completely unknown name would have not beed added to the competitor list: Mamdouh Elsbialy, alias "Big Ramy".

Big Ramy came, saw and conquered the New York Pro 2013 and cast his shadow to the Mr. Olympia Weekend

What comes next for Victor Martinez?

Due to the Qualifing rules for the Mr. Olympia to TOP 2 of the New York Pro got their invitation to Vegas. That means that Victor doesn´t got to compete prior to the Olympia.

But he will not be named as one of the favorite for the Sandow. The get out of Big Rams shadow I win this year could help. Their are some rumors that he might compete in Toronto this weekend.

After his trouble at the border control in 2011 after the Arnold Europe, his interest in competing outside the US might be very low.

And so will Victor be in a line of those names, that got to be worried about their spot in the Mr. Olympia Finals.

Let´s hope that he will remain true to his new look and top his New York Shape by puting on some lbs just on the right spots.

Hoffen wir, dass er seiner schlankeren Linie treu bleibt und seine Topform nur an den richtigen Stellen mit etwas mehr Volumen in Las Vegas toppt.

Unten im Video könnt Ihr nochmal die Entscheidung bei der New York Pro im Video ansehen.

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