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VIDEO: Victor Martinez after his armwrestling-accident

How seriously injured is he really?

Saturday, 29.09.2012

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VIDEO: Victor Martinez after his armwrestling-accident
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Victor Martinez is always good for a surprise: After his phenomenal victory at the Arnold Classic Europe 2011 he went to jail because his residence permit wasnt valid anymore. After several months in jail he was released in the second quarter of 2012 and wanted to prepare for Mr Olympia 2012. First everthing seemed to work but then there were more and more rumours, he couldnt make it on time while his rivals seemed to get stronger and stronger. On august 27th he announced on MD that he would not compete at Mr. O due to a lack in musclemass. A Victor Martinez doesnt compete just to be there.

After that, on september 18th, there was the news on "Muscle Beach TV" that he broke his arm on simulated armwrestling match during a photoshoot. But is opponent didnt seem to know it was just a simulation and gave full power, resulting in victors broken arm.

Now Victor was to be seen at the Olympia expo, just 10 days after that news. But there was no real cast anymore more kind of a sleeve. So it seems everything heals pretty well. Good genes and docs or just a lot of fuss about nothing?

Anyway, we wish Victor a good and quick recovery and hope to see him on stage soon again.

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